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Life Protection

Legacy and Family Protection

If you did not make it home from work today, would your family’s future be secure?

Would your spouse and kids be able to make it on their own without you? Could they continue the same type of lifestyle without your income? Will they be able to keep the house or would they have to downsize? Will they have to sell automobiles or heirlooms to pay off debt? Do you want your family to know you can still provide a secure future even after you are gone? These are viable questions to consider. We offer Life insurance products that will ensure a secure worry-free lifestyle for the people you love most. It’s time to protect your legacy for current and future generations. Take the time to plan now to ensure your family is protected if the worst should happen. For a fast quote, call us today.

Already have a whole life insurance policy with cash accumulation and face value? We can increase the death benefit amount up to 60% on day one with a simplified conversion process. Provide an immediate boost for your beneficiary. Call today to gain up to 60% tomorrow! Tax-Free! 


Wealth Protection - Wealth Management

Are you worried about outliving your money? Are you prepared for retirement? Do you have money in a typical savings account or CD that you have not touched for years? Do you simply want to save money earning maximum interest without risk?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, call now for a strategy or discovery session with one of our Investment Strategist. For convenience, we can conduct this session at your home. Why us? We are strategically aligned with 161 different life and legacy insurance companies which enables us to find a solution for all situations and walks of life. There is absolutely no charge or obligation for our advice.

Preservation of your assets is our main objective by presenting products with downside protection. Downside protection is a strategy implemented to eliminate the losses of a portfolio when the market decreases. Bottom line, you only experience gains.


Shocking Facts:

Most Americans have less than $4,500 in the bank and less than $1,000 in long-term savings.

61% of people are more afraid of outliving their money than dying.

Nearly 70% of U.S. households with dependents would be in jeopardy if the primary breadwinner passed away.

You don’t have to be wealthy to become wealthy – just start saving today and live smart. Contact us now to learn the safest way to grow your savings.


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