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We lead the industry with 2 Way-Voice Monitoring; no one does 2 Way-Voice better than Brinks Home Secuity™ 

Rapid Response 2 Way Voice Monitoring provides hands free fast communication with our monitoring station operator without answering your phone. This unique feature gives the customer instant two-way voice communication with our Central Station. When an alarm situation occurs, it allows our operators to listen to sounds within the home and speak directly to the customer through the keypad to verify the reason of the alarm.

2 Way-Voice Alarm Monitoring for as low as $29.99 per month. 

2 Way-Voice monitoring reduces false alarms and expedites dispatch of first responders in the event of an emergency.


We've Got You Covered!


2 Way-Voice, 24/7 Alarm System Monitoring by Brinks Home Security provides:

  • Flood Monitoring

  • Intrusion Monitoring

  • Fire & Heat Monitoring

  • System Status Monitoring

  • Medical Pendant Monitoring

  • Home Automaton Monitoring

  • Carbon Monoxide Monitoring


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Sales: 513-818-1777

Customer Service: 1-800-447-9239